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My story

For you to understand better the origin and the purpose of this NFT, I must introduce myself :

My name is Lysou and I am the creator of the Pixie beaver project. I’ve always been an artist since I was a child, mostly drawing cartoons and paintings for friends and family. However life happened to never really give me the opportunity to genuinely express myself as an artist. Luckily, I recently have found myself completely obsessed with NFTs and the blockchain universe for the past few months.

Thus, I decided to take the leap and create my own NFT project from scratch. I chose the beavers as my mother always used to call me “her little beaver” when I was a child and I guess it stuck with me. I see this first project as a tribute to her.

I hope you will like my first collection that will lie on the Cardano Blockchain. I chose this specific BC because of my past as an early investor in ADA. It's those same investments that made this project possible as I was able to hire contributors to help me on the programming parts of this project. The PGB is the preview of other projects I am working on.

The project

Living in the far far remote Cardano system, the pixie beaviz are a community of 1000 genetically modified Beavers by C.Hoskinson (999 + an exclusive one). Every beaver is unique, eternal and designed with special attributes that live on chain. However, the true beaver’s power can only be unleashed if one mints a legendary pixie…

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  • Pre-launch
    Partnership with influencers (Twitter / Tiktok)
  • Pre-launch
    Launch on easycnft.art
  • Pre-launch
    CNFT verification
  • 25%
    Random giveaway of 300 ADA to a pool of PBG owners
  • 50%
    Accelerate marketing and hire a full stack dev
  • 100%

    Random giveaway of 1000 ADA

    Giveaway of easter eggs rare and super rare PG

Rarity Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which wallet can I use?
  • Will there ever be more than 1000 Beavies minted?
  • How can I get a Beavy ?
  • How will sales be conducted ?
  • What is an NFT?


  • Lysou | Founder

    Artist and original creator.

    Cardano maxi.

    Painter, pianist and old French cartoon enthusiast.

    The mind behind all this project.

  • Bedrock Breaker | Dev

    Python hyper-expert and veteran open-source developer.

    Has been programming since the age of 11.

    Advising several NFT projects.

    The epitome of technicity and creativity naturally gifted in turning any project into a success story.

  • Hdr1 | Advisor

    Active in the crypto space since 2015.

    Working full time in NFT for International Blue Chips clients

    Giving PBG it’s maturity.